Problem Statement

We have to implement the mergeTwoLists function that takes the head nodes of two sorted linked lists as input and returns the head node of the merged linked list as the output.

Problem statement for the mergeTwoLists

Optimal Solution

To merge both linked lists we can use the two-pointer approach by maintaining an iterator on both linked lists and comparing their values. The smaller value will be selected and inserted at the end of a new list. The result would be a merged sorted linked list.

If all the values from any one of the linked lists are added then the other linked list will be joined at the end of the merged linked list.

Optimal Solution for the mergeTwoLists

Psuedo-code for the Optimal Solution

  return linked_list1
} else if(linked_list1==nil){
  return linked_list2

temp1 = linked_list1.head
temp2 = linked_list2.head
mergedLinkedList = LinkedList()
while(temp1!=nil and temp2!=nil){
 if (temp1.value < temp2.value){
 } else {

} else if(temp2!=nil){

return mergedLinkedList

Time Complexity Analysis

Best Case Scenario

For the best case input i.e. either the first or second linked list is empty, the time complexity of the solution is $O(1)$ because we are returning the non-empty linked list as the result.

Worst Case Scenario

In the worst-case scenario, we have to iterate over both the linked lists completely. But since we are iterating them together using two pointers the time complexity will be determined by the length of the larger linked list.

So the total time complexity of the solution in the worst-case scenario will be $O(n)$ where $n$ is the size of the larger linked list.

Space Complexity Analysis

The merged linked list will contain all the elements from both input lists (with repetition). If the length of both linked lists is $m$ and $n$, the additional memory space required by the solution will be $O(m+n)$.

Code for the Optimal Solution

package main

import "fmt"

type ListNode struct {
    Val int
    Next *ListNode

func Display(ln *ListNode){
    temp := ln
        fmt.Printf("%d->", temp.Val)

func InsertAtEnd(list *ListNode, value int)(*ListNode){
    if list==nil{
        list = &(ListNode{Val:value})
    } else {
        temp := list
        temp.Next = &(ListNode{Val:value})
    return list

func JoinLists(list1 *ListNode, list2 *ListNode)(*ListNode){
    // Joins list1 with list2 by the last node
    temp := list1
    temp.Next = list2
    return list1

func mergeTwoLists(list1 *ListNode, list2 *ListNode)(*ListNode){
    // Checking if any of the input lists are empty
        return list2
    } else if(list2==nil) {
        return list1

    temp1 := list1
    temp2 := list2
    var mergedList *ListNode
    // Loop over both linked lists until one of them/both
    // are empty
        // If the current value in the first list is smaller
        // then add it to the merged linked list and vice versa
            mergedList = InsertAtEnd(mergedList, temp1.Val)
        } else {
            mergedList = InsertAtEnd(mergedList, temp2.Val)
    // If any one of the linked list is not empty
    // add it to the merged linked list
        mergedList = JoinLists(mergedList, temp1)
    } else if(temp2!=nil){
        mergedList = JoinLists(mergedList, temp2)
    return mergedList

func main(){
    var ln *ListNode
    ln = InsertAtEnd(ln, 5)
    ln = InsertAtEnd(ln, 7)
    ln = InsertAtEnd(ln, 20)
    ln = InsertAtEnd(ln, 34)
    ln = InsertAtEnd(ln, 42)
    fmt.Println("Input Linked List 1:")

    var ln2 *ListNode
    ln2 = InsertAtEnd(ln2, 2)
    ln2 = InsertAtEnd(ln2, 4)
    ln2 = InsertAtEnd(ln2, 6)
    ln2 = InsertAtEnd(ln2, 14)
    ln2 = InsertAtEnd(ln2, 66)
    fmt.Println("Input Linked List 2:")
    fmt.Println("Merged Linked List:")
    Display(mergeTwoLists(ln, ln2))

// Output
// Input Linked List 1:
// 5->7->20->34->42->
// Input Linked List 2:
// 2->4->6->14->66->
// Merged Linked List:
// 2->4->5->6->7->14->20->34->42->66->

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