Rabin-Karp Substring Search

Rabin-Karp Substring Search

Searching contents on a website for a specific keyword, code search in text editors & IDEs, and information retrieval systems used in libraries and archives are use cases for an algorithm that searches a string within another string. Unlike searching for a single character, searching for a complete string could be challenging. If we search string ION in DICTIONARY. For each character in DICTIONARY, we have to look for I, O, and N in the same order....

October 8, 2023 · 8 min · Avnish
Time Complexity Comparison of Algorithms

Time Complexity

While programming allows us to create virtually anything, the true test of performance arises when we deploy the same code on a significantly larger scale. Time Complexity ($T(n)$) is a function that estimates the execution time of an algorithm given the amount of data to be processed as its input. It is a common benchmark used to measure an algorithm’s performance. Bounds of Time Complexity The output of the time complexity function will be a close estimate of an algorithm’s runtime yet it does not consider other characteristics of the data that could affect runtime....

September 22, 2023 · 8 min · Avnish